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J2Store Request Quote / Email Basket / Cart 1.35
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Allow customers to request a quote for selected products. Customers can add a few products to their cart and request a quote.

With Email Basket, your customers just have to email their basket (cart) to you to request a quote. Give your buyers the special price they deserve!

Just install the app and let your customer contact you in the click of a button. Neat and clean.

Seamless integration of the plugin with the cart page of the shop, facilitates a smooth experience while requesting quote.

Request For Quotation

With Email Basket, allow your customers to request a quote for the products in their cart. Customers can add a few products to their cart and ask you for a special price. An email will be sent to the store owner with a list of the items in the cart and the customer's address.

Ask For Additional Details

You can ask the customers to provide their name, address or any other information while requesting the quote. When the customer sends you the email, you receive all those details along with the list of cart items. Dynamic data can also be added using shortcodes thorugh custom fields.

Eliminate Default Checkout

You can also choose to disable the normal checkout completely and use J2Store as a quote cart. The plugin integrates seamlessly in the default cart page of J2Store. You can process your customers’ orders offline with Email Basket. If you just want a list of items and address from the customer and want to process the order offline, Email Basket is game for that, too.

Options to control the recipients of emails

Choose if you wish to send the quote details only to the administrators are the users as well.

Only registered and logged in users can download this file.