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How to earn points in Joomla! Share?

Hi, Dear users

As you know, JoomlaShare changed it's system from points to subscription (Why? Read This)

But users can earn points also with exchange extensions and their subscription in other sites yet. and they can buy JoomlaShare subscriptions with their points.

Here is Rules to earn Points:

  1. exChange your extensions & templates subscriptions. (Collection Templates like SmartAddons, YooTheme, ...). (Send your subscriptions site name & subscription type & Remaining time of it to "joomlashare.ir@gmail.com")

    • We have many templates & extensions that not uploaded yet and we upload those one by one.

    • We exchange your subscription based on it's price & remaining time.

    • After exchanging you must send us it's login details (username & password) and after checking it, we will add you points.

    • You must not change your subscription username & password (If you change it and do not inform us, your account will closed completely)

    • You will have access to your exchanged subscription too.

    • Example: SmartAddons JTC Personal

      • Price: 49€
      • Time: 3 month
      • You will get 49 points


      • Price: 49€
      • Time: 2 month
      • You will get 33 points
  2. exChange your extensions that we have not or updates. (Send extension's name & version to "joomlashare.ir@gmail.com")

    • We will add your account 10 points for new extensions that we have not.

    • We add your account 2 points for updates of our extensions but if your extension is very newer with many changes from our extension , we add you more points.

    • Send extension with all of it's components, modules, plugins, ...   (We exchange to all users with this rule to have extension full)

    • Some of our extensions have more of 1 user that support us with new updates. users that send us updates first, will get 2 points.

    • We check extensions before add you points. send extensions original without changes.

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