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Google Maps for Jomsocial 4.0.1
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Google Maps for Jomsocial is a great fast loading html5 Jomsocial plugin. Allow your users to quickly display a google map inside their user profile. Working flawless with jomsocial you can easily display google maps in the Main Content template area.

The perfect plugin to display business locations in a map. The map can display the jomsocial user avatar or logos, website, email, phone, mobile, city, state, and country. The perfect corporate solution for any jomsocial business based communities and let customers know the physical location of your users and or businesses.

Google Maps for Jomsocial uses TechGasp Chameleon Framework for Jomsocial.

Views 2,345 Downloads 4
Version 4.0.1 Created
System Joomla 3 Changed 2018-10-07
Website JED Developer TechGasp
License GNU/GPL Original Price in Developer Site 20 € EUR

Chameleon Framework Options

User Profile Plugin

    • Do you really need an heavy plugin made in india, china or russia to show Google Maps?
    • Fully Mobile Responsive
    • Errors and conflicts free. Makes no use of Javascript, jQuery or Ajax
    • Built with html5, fast page load times, no conflicts
    • Upgraded to the latest Google Maps V3 API
    • No need for google map api key
    • 14 Advanced Google Maps
    • 11 exclusive TechGasp designed glossy Markers
    • Automatically gets Jomsocial user fields, Avatar, Name, Address, City, State, Country, Email, Website, etc.
    • Option to override automatic fields
    • User Frontend Override (users can display their own google map location inside their profiles)
    • Automatically retrieves and displays the Jomsocial User profile picture / avatar / logo

Map Options

  • Roadmap 3D Map
  • Satellite Map
  • Hybrid Map
  • Terrain Map
  • Traffic Map
    • Real-Time Traffic Speed on Roads and Highways
    • Colors indicate speed, green for fast traffic to red for slow traffic
  • Transit Map
    • Real-Time public transportation schedules and associated geographic information
    • Includes information about stops, routes, trips, and other schedule data
  • Bicycling Map
    • Real-Time bike or bicycling information paths
    • darker green line indicates bike trails where there are no motor vehicles
    • lighter green line indicates streets with bike lanes
    • green and white dotted line indicates streets recommended for cyclists, but without a bike lane
  • TechGasp Radioactive Maps
    • TechGasp Designed map effects or overlays
    • Google Maps never looked so awesome!!!
      • Before Doomsday
      • Green Radiation
      • Blue Aftermath
      • Red Dawn
      • Orange Mushroom
      • Black Fallout
    • Easy option to create your own google map overlay
    • Includes TechGasp Radioactive Icon
  • * Some real-time map features are dependent of your country / city availability Check Here

Marker Options

  • Info On Icon click
  • 11 Map Marker Icons per Marker
  • Automatically gets data from Jomsocial User Profiles
    • Users can override these auto fields, change or hide
  • Administrator selects which fields to activate and display in frontend
    • Available Fields
      • Display / Hide business or personal Logo / Picture / Avatar
      • Display / Hide Online Status
      • Display / Hide Karma
      • Display / Hide User Points
      • Display / Hide Profile Views
      • Display / Hide Number of Friends
      • Display / Hide User Name
      • Display / Hide Address
      • Display / Hide City
      • Display / Hide State
      • Display / Hide Country
      • Display / Hide Phone
      • Display / Hide Mobile
      • Display / Hide Email
      • Display / Hide Website link
  • auto-hides empty fields per marker

Activity Stream Plugin

  • Option to Activate User Activity Stream Plugin
  • Streams in User Wall and Jomsocial Frontpage Wall
  • Activity is fully integrated with Jomsocial
  • Administrator can Manage Streams Components -> Jomsocial -> Monitor -> Activities
  • Streams automatically upon user setting map coordinates
  • Stream contains User Avatar, Date and Time, Like, Comment, Share and a Cool Icon that links to user profile

Jomsocial Options

  • Display Title: Override the default plugin name
  • Favicon: Override the default plugin image
  • Descriptions: Override the default plugin description
  • Count: Number of groups to display
  • Core Application: Yes / No
  • Position: Main Content / Sidebar Top Tabbed / Sidebar Top Stacked / Sidebar Bottom Tabbed / Sidebar Bottom Stacked
  • Hide if No Content: Hides application if there's no content to show
  • Caching: Use Global / No
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Google Maps for Jomsocial 4.0.1