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Subscriptions plans app for DJ-Classifieds lets you create unlimited plans for your users.

This way instead of paying for each advert seperately you can offer your users plans that will cover most popular needs on your website!

You can also decide which plan is available for which Joomla user group (ACL), so for example your business users can see and use different plans than regular users.

Subscription Plans App works with DJ-Classifieds versions 3.4+

Possible options to set in plan:

  • Adverts in plan - how many adverts will be included in the plan
  • Expiration time - how long the plan should be active after each purchase. For example when set to 5 as on our example - user has 5 days to use the amount of ads you set for this subscription plan (you can use 0 for unlimited time)
  • Max images per ad - how many images will be available per ad
  • Characters limit in description
  • Duration - for how long each advert will be published
  • Promotion - select if you want automatically assign the promotion to any ad submitted within this subscription plan (each advert will be promoted)
  • Use Video - allow to add videos to the advert
  • Use "Website" - allow to add website address to the advert
  • Buy now - allow to use "Buy now" functionality
  • Auctions - allow to use auctions
  • Paid categories - allow adding adverts to paid categories
  • Profile in advert - select if user's profile will be displayed when submitting adverts
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1 year ago
Please update to Subscription Plans App for DJ-Classifieds v3.8.3.
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