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Modules Anywhere Pro 7.9.0 UPDATED
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Place modules anywhere you can enter text.

With Modules Anywhere you can include a single module or complete module positions anywhere in your site, including within 3rd party components and even within other modules.

Why use Modules Anywhere, and not the {loadposition} plugin?

  • It works anywhere, not only in articles. It even works in modules!
  • You can load a single module, not only complete module positions.
  • You can control the html display style from within the tag, not only one global setting.
  • It comes with a very easy to use editor button.

You can set Modules Anywhere to also handle the {loadposition} tags. In that case, you can safely disable the {loadposition} plugin all together.

Modules Anywhere does not show unpublished Modules by default. If you do want it to, you can change that behavior through the plugin parameters.

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Joomla 1.5
Modules Anywhere Pro 2.3.3
Joomla 2.5
Modules Anywhere Pro 3.6.6
Joomla 3
Modules Anywhere Pro 7.9.0
  • Bladeroller

    # Bladeroller 2018-10-26 15:00

    Hi, please update to v 7.6.0
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  • Bladeroller

    # Bladeroller 2018-10-29 09:30

    Hi, Please update to v7.6.0
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  • toto

    # toto 2019-10-17 12:36


    Please update to v 7.8.2:

    ^ Makes it possible to place plugin tag attribute values in single quotes instead of double quotes (can be useful when used inside html attribute values)
    ^ Updates translations: it-IT
    # Fixes issue with php notice about array to string conversion on certain AcyMailing pages
    # Fixes issue with php notice about array to string conversion on certain HikaShop pages
    # FREE Fixes issue with installation not going well when installing Free version when the Pro version is already installed

    Thank you
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  • Bladeroller

    # Bladeroller 2020-01-29 11:08

    Hi, please update to v7.9.0
    thank you
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