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Art Feature Tour 1.1.1
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Art Feature Tour is a step by step guide and feature introduction tool for Joomla to give your users a 'tour' of areas of importance to your site or web app. Highlight navigation, action buttons and other parts of your site for increased user understanding of your product.

  • Create 4 types of feature tours - Basic Box, Artsy Circle, Illumination, Technical
  • Control when Art Feature Tour display's on a page with a cookie so users aren't repeatedly shown a tour each time the page refreshes
  • Set cookie expiration or don't use a cookie at all
  • Attach your Feature Tour to a menu item, set HTML id's for tour stop and you're ready to go
  • Use Additional URL vars feature to restrict Art Feature Tour to displaying on a page only when certain values are present in the URL
  • Easy setup, flexible display options, elegant administrator component
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Art Feature Tour 1.1.1
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